US DEFENDER - 72"x46"x28"

Large Gun Safe Built like a Commercial Safe

Are you looking for a big gun safe? A large gun safe that can secure everything you own besides long guns, pistols and tactical weapons? The Defender secures 25 weapons and comes with shelves for collectibles and family keepsakes. URGENT : A Defender safe is not a typical gun safe. It's build more like a commercial grade safe with a 2" Step Door, Concrete fireproofing and 3/4" pry-resistant frame. Call Pentagon Gun Safes for a shipping quote & in-state availability.

large gun safe US Defender

Level I - 90 Minute Fire - 1340 lbs - $3995
Level II - Tech Package - 1400 lbs - $4195
Level III - Ameri-Crown - 2700 lbs - $7295

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step system safe
Level III Safe
Optional Dual Locks

safe open
3/4" Steel Frame
Supreme Pry Resistance
tactical weapon storage
Tactical Rifle &
Weapons Storage
custom paint finishes
Custom Paint
Wood Grain Finish

LEVEL 1 - 90 Min Fire - 1340lbs
2" STEP DOOR - 3/4" FRAME - $3995
Includes Hi-Temp Concrete Fire Insulation

  • Level 1 exterior2" Jig-Saw Fire Door - 90 Min Fire
  • 4 Layer Fire Walls
  • 10 Gauge Steel Body
  • 3/4" Anti-Pry Steel Frame
  • Black Semi Gloss Paint
  • Banker's Handle - Gold / Silver
  • Double Pistol Pouches on Door
  • Walls & Door Carpeted
  • Adjustable Shelf & Gun Rack Tracks
  • 2 Relocking Devices - 2 Expand Seals
  • S & G Rotary Spin-Dial Lock - Optional - US Made Digital Locks
  • 12 Bolts - Top & Bottom
  • 3-In-1 Interior - Extra Gun Rack
  • Fire & Lock Warranty - Lifetime
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step system door
2" Step System Door
Seals Door on Five Points

steel anti pry frame
3/4" Steel Frame
Supreme Pry Resistance
digital lock
Level II
EMP Lock
steel safe
Large Safes
Plenty of Storage
steel safes
Black Semi Gloss Paint
Gold or Silver Trim

LEVEL II - 90 Min Fire
6000 Degree Concrete Fire
U.S. Digital Lock, LED Light & OUTLET
1400lbs - $4195

  • Level II with lights2" Jig-Saw Fire Door - 90 Min Fire
  • 4 Layer Fire Walls
  • 6000 Degree Concrete Fireproofing
  • 10 Gauge Steel Body
  • 3/4" Anti-Pry Steel Frame
  • Black High Gloss Finish
  • Banker's Handle - Gold / Silver
  • Double Pistol Pouches on Door
  • All Walls & Door Carpeted
  • Adjustable Shelevs & Gun Rack
  • 2 Relocker Devices - 2 Expand Seals
  • U.S. Made Digital Lock - Commercial Grade
  • 12 Bolts - Top & Bottom
  • 3-In-1 Interior - Extra Gun Rack
  • Fire & Lock Warranty - Lifetime

digital lock
Level II
EMP Lock

steel safes
Black Semi Gloss Paint
Gold or Silver Trim

Safe Shelving, LED Lights & Electrical
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2HR Fire - 2700lbs
1/4" Steel Body - $7295

  • SealsL-3 series gun safe1/4" Steel Body - American Made
  • 3" Jig-Saw Door
  • 2 HR Fire
  • 8 Layer Fire System - First EVER!
  • JETBOARD Concrete Fireproofing -
    6000 Degree Material
  • Quadruple Fireboard
  • D-Day Double Lock
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel
  • 7 Colors - Semi-Gloss Deluxe Finishes
  • Inner Liner of Steel
  • Gold or Silver Plating
  • 14 Bolt System
  • All Walls Carpeted
  • 1" Solid 60RW Hardplate
  • 3/4" Thick Bolt Protectors
  • 4 Barrel Re-lockers
  • Double Steel Body
  • Continuous Welds in Body
  • Personal Initials
  • Fire & Lock Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty

■D-Day Double Lock - S&G & Day LockPentagon Safes Level III Series is the first gun safe built like a $10,000 bank vault. This premiere gun safe is the highest fire rated, most advanced design in the gun safe industry. With twin Defender Locks, Five Barrel Re-Lockers, 1/4" Steel Body, JETBOARD Concrete Fireproofing - 6000 Degree Material, 2" Jig-Saw Door, Inner Steel Liner, Two Hour Fire and Stainless Steel Door liner - No gun safe on the planet compares! Our Ameri-Crown Series is the only gun safe in the USA to incorporate features of a TL-Rated commercial safe and have the appearance of a piece of art.

US Defender Gun Safe
Gold or Silver Accent Available
Safe Anti Pry System Steel Frame - Protects from Prying
3/4" Steel Frame - Protects from Prying 
 Safe Bolts with Fire Grommets
1 1/4" Bolts with Fire Grommets
C-4 Explosion Test pistol holders for safe door interior
New Double Pistol Holsters 
safe door removeable hinge
Removable Hinges - Continuously Welded 

NEW! US Defender Safe Video
Click on image to watch.

Note: This video is from our sister site Sportsman Safes. In 36 years we're only had one step door safe lost to fire. Video stating otherwise is being changed.
Fire test video  

Wow, the US Defender is one big gun safe. If you put expensive firearms in a gun safe, you want plenty of space so your weapons won't bang up against each other. This large gun safe will not only fit your collection, but it has extra room to store all your family's possessions. Friends with gun safes will tell you your gun safe will not grow along with your collection. That's why it's smart to buy a big gun safe. The US Defender is not only big, it has features only found on real commercial grade safes. Options like step doors and concrete fireproofing. The Defender is the perfect large gun safe for people with twenty weapons and collectibles like watches, jewelry and precious metals. Call us to hear about our gun safes on sale. We're giving $700 worth of free options on gun safes this month.

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Features and Options

"Having a vault with more than one relocker is great piece of mind."
 - Mark Varo, Satisfied Customer

JETBOARD Concrete Fireproofing - 6000 Degree Material

6000 Degree Concrete Fireproofing - Our upgraded fire package comes with JETBOARD Concrete Fireproofing & Multiple layers of fireboard. Our concrete material is 4 x more fire resistant than competitor's fireboard. We can manufacture fire safes with 60 minutes - 2.5 hour burn times. Please see our FIRE TEST VIDEO where we put a safe in a fire with $3000 cash. Call for a quote.

DOUBLE STEEL (optional)
Double steel construction is imperative for keeping temperatures inside your gun safe or vault door super low. The inner layer of steel acts as a conductor of heat, containing the heat between our double steel and not in your safe. Plus... the double steel construction also makes your safe more burglar-proof.

EXPANDABLE FIRE PROOF GASKET -- Our safes have Palusol® Seals. During a fire they will expand to eight times their size, sealing your door from hot air. If you buy our 2" Step System Door, your gasket will expand and seal your door on five points; where each step on the door meets the female step system frame. All vault doors at banks have Jig-Saw Doors, why shouldn't your safe.

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