Pentagon Safes & Vault Door manufactures storm shelters, tornado shelters, safe rooms and panic rooms for residential and commercial use. Our steel security doors are made in the USA and have never been lost to fire, pried open or compromised in any way. For 30 years we've built high quality theft & fire resistant storm shelters, vault doors & safes for residential, commercial and government applications. Please review our storm shelter and security shelter information then call one of our storm shelter experts for a quote. 800-266-7150

Mega Hurricane - Storm Shelter

30 Person Capacity

  • 1" Jig-Saw Door - Interlocks in Frame
  • 2300 Degree Ceramic Fire Door
  • Internal Release - Spring-loaded
  • 14 Bolt Locking System - Independent
  • 3/4" Protector Frame - Shields Bolts
  • 1" Hardplate In Door - Thickest in US
  • 1/4" Steel Reinforcement in Body
  • Black Semi-Gloss Finish
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel
  • All Walls Fully Carpet
  • Two Re-lockers - Brass-Arm & Barrel
  • Double Fireproofing In Door
  • Silver or Gold Pin-striping
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Combo Lock Optional: LG Digital Lock -
  • Body Continuous Welded In & Out
  • Double Expand Gaskets & Bolt Down Kit
  • Inward Swing or Outward Swing Doors
  • Vents with 1/4" Steel Protective "hats" --
    Protect Vents From Falling Debris
  • 1" Solid Steel Hinges - Thickest in US
  • Life Time Warranty -- Includes Fire
Mega hurricane shelter, storm shelter
Mega Hurricane - Storm Shelter
30 Person Capacity

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  1. USA Made Storm Shelters - 33% Harder Steel
  2. 1" Solid Steel in front of Locks & Re-lockers - Five Times Stronger
  3. Fire Insulated Vault Door - 2" Step System Doors
    Seal on Five Levels
  4. 3/4" Steel Frames - Double the thickness of Competitor's frames
  5. 1/4" & 3/16" Steel Bodies - Commercial Vault Level Construction
  6. 4 Re-lockers - Our Vaults have Never Been Broken into in 30 Years

All in One Security Solution!
Storm Shelter, Safe Room and Walk-In-Vault

The best thing about Pentagon-Sportsman Storm Shelters is that they are DOJ APPROVED SAFES. Storm shelters only get used once or twice in a life time. But our Storm Shelters are like Walk-In Vaults. They can secure your family's belongings year round. Our competitor's Storm Shelters are not security products. A burglar can knock off their lock and break into the door. Not our Storm Shelters! We've never had one broken into EVER. The reasons: 2 re-lockers and a 3/4" STEEL protective frame that makes it nearly impossible to pry. Our customers include: FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, US Secret Service, Quantico and hundreds of government and police stations all over the USA.

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
six person storm and safety shelter
6 Person Shelter
Torch Resistant Stainless Steel Chest Plate
Sale Price - $7995
four person storm and safety shelter
4 Person Shelter
Sale Price - $5695

Pentagon Safes & Vault Doors Manufactures: Safe Rooms, Storm Shelters, Panic Rooms, Walk-In Vaults, Hurricane Shelters, Gun Rooms, Blast Doors, Ballistic Doors, Tornado Shelters & Bank-level Vaults

Call for a custom quote - 800-266-7150

Storm shelter, tornado shelter, security shelterFor over 30 years, Pentagon Safes & Sportsman Steel Safes are names synonymous with impenetrable security. No Vault Door has ever been penetrated. Every Storm Shelter has protected our clients. All Panic Rooms have performed during attack. Every Walk-In Vault has protected customers from fire and theft. And all our Ballistic Doors have shielded our patrons from catastrophes. That's a solid track record. Maybe that's why we have security products at the FBI, DOJ, Secret Service, Homeland Security, ATF, Smithsonian and US Army.

All our Custom Vault Products are 100% Made in the USA. Storm Shelters can be constructed in any size, thickness or Hurricane Level. Panic Rooms can be designed with thumb-print biometric or manual "Spin-Dial" locks. Ballistic Doors can be built with nuclear-biological-chemical capabilities or in any Class Five Ratings. And our Vault Rooms can be ordered with 2300 Degree Ceramic, concrete or simple fireboard.

Call us and one of our Vault Door or Safe Room Experts will educate you and help in picking the security shelter right for your application. 800-266 7150

Easy-Three Piece Mega Vaults!
modular storm shelter
Easy Installation - Do It Yourself!
modular easy construction shelter

Our Walk-In Vaults and Storm Shelters are similar to what the US government uses for their overseas portable security rooms. Each shelter is constructed from three pieces. Once pushed together, you bolt our walk-in vault together using 1/2" bolts every foot. In the floor we provide 10-20 - 1" holes so you can red-head your vault to your concrete foundation. This is required when using our walk-in vault as a hurricane or tornado shelter.

mini mega shelter
storm shelter interior

Custom Sizes Available
Plenty of Room for Benches,
Shelving & Cabinets.

Call us for a quote and we'll explain the easy installation and quote you delivery to your home or business.
Financing Available Call For Quote:

Mini-Hurricane Shelter - $6999

Storm Shelter/Safety Shelter Door -
Internal Release Handle
hydraulic hatch door video link


  • Custom Actuator Arm - Various Lengths Available
  • 1300 - 2000lbs Capacity - Higher Weights Available
  • Electrically - Operated by 110 or 12 Volt Battery
  • Inner and Outer Control Switches Available
  • Internal Release For Panic Room
  • Totally Installed to Vault Door - Ready to Use

World's Biggest Modular Storm Shelter - 8' x 50'
Large modular storm shelters
Make as big as you need Shelter - Just Add Modular Sections.
Large modular storm and safety shelter on truck.
Hurricane & Storm Shelter - 100 Person Capacity

"...After viewing your Website and speaking with you, I am so impressed. You have an amazing depth of knowledge about safes, safe rooms & vault doors! You have a well-trained, talented staff who are able to turn out incredible products. You crush the competition, no one else comes close! No wonder you have an impressive list of clients." - Eric, Hawaii


Storm Shelters Custom Wrapped During Shipping
Custom Wrapped During Shipping

Easy To Install Modular Safety Shelter Pieces
Easy To Install Modular Pieces

Easy Out Gun Interiors
Easy Out Gun Interiors

100% Adjustable Tracks for Shelves
100% Adjustable Tracks for Shelves

Optional Safety Shelter Overhead Lighting and Electrical Outlets Available.
Optional Overhead Lighting and Electrical Outlets Available.

Create Your Own Custom Shelter Interior
Create Your Own Custom Interior.
CALL FOR FREE QUOTE: 800-266-7150

Vault room, safety shelter construction
Walk-in Vault - Hurricane Shelter
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Vault door internal release mechanism
Internal Release
'Easy Exit System'

 Easy Installation
Shelter modular construction
Call us for a quote and we'll explain the easy installation and quote you delivery to your home or business.
Call Us: 800-266-7150


NEW - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Sealing System - It's Airtight!

Our new N.B.C. Compress Seals make your vault room Nuclear, Biological & Chemical resistant. We include N.B.C. seals on your 3" Step System Door and Frame. We also continuously weld every inch of your vault, frame & seams to make your vault door N.B.C. resistant. Continuous welds also run along your internal steel panels and atop your lock hole that connects your external lock to our internal mechanism. We can even include an NBC resistant "lunch pail" over your lock to make your complete locking system NBC resistant! - ONLY $1999 - $2499.

Call to talk to a Vault Expert: 800-266-7150

NBC SEALNBC seal gasket

Lunch Pail system
Fireproof Vent Protector
"Lunch Pail System"

If you fireproof your vault room or storm shelter, add fireproof lunch pails. These fire insulated boxes fit over your air vents when your room's not being used as a storm shelter. We can add two Polusal® expandable gaskets, weather-proof seals or Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seals.

NEW Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seal
Tested in the field - Passed with 22 PSI

800 266 7150


Vault room with vault door and interior

vault door interior
Vault door room interior

Gun Racks Available

Custom Shelving Available

Custom Lighting Available

Call For Quote

Vault room interior
Custom vault room interiors

vault room interior lighting
Optional overhead vault room lighting
and electrical outlet..
vault room electrical outlet

Structural support system for your above or below ground storm shelter.

Roman post structure support
Roman Posts - 1/4" U-Shaped Reinforcements
Supports Structure from Storms or Tornados
Vertical post ceiling support
Vertical 1/4" Posts - Supports Ceiling
For Above & Underground Storm Shelters

Fire resistant stainless vault interiorStainless interior fire resistant

Stainless Steel Shell - "It's Torch-Resistant!"

Forget about that old adage "You can crack any safe with enough time". With our new Stainless Steel Shell, torching our safe rooms open is close to impossible. Torch-resistant stainless steel is continuously heliarc welded on all six sides of your safe. If a safe cracker tries to use a torch to compromise your safe, the flames will spit right back at him. Construction like this only comes on commercial vaults over $10,000. But at Pentagon Safes & Vaults you get a special factory-direct price. Stainless available - 1/4" - 1/8".

Inward swinging vault doorInward opening vault doors

If you live in a hurricane or tornado state, you might want your door to open by swinging INWARD. If your whole house collapses during a hurricane, you and your family will be able to open the door and climb out over the rubble. Great piece of mind.

Learn more about Pentagon Vault Doors

Short Vault Video - 3 Minutes

safe door relocking system, 4 barrel relockersNEW! - 4 Barrel Re-Lockers - Most in Gun Safe Industry

  • 4 Re-Lockers - 1 1/4" x 5" Solid Steel
  • Spring-Loaded - Totally Independent
  • 5 Drill Points in Door - Most Ever in a Gun Safe
  • Multiple Level Re-Lockers - No Drill-Outs in 30 Years
  • Gravity-Resistant - Rack-Style Lock-up
  • USA Made System - Custom Drill Points Available

This commercial grade 4-B relocking system is similar to Re-Lockers found in $20,000 Vault Doors. Equipped with four 1" thick barrel Re-Lockers, this hi-tech backup system is spring-loaded to shoot
4 - 3/4" hardened shafts into female bolt work during attacks! Once the lock is punched, four spring-loaded barrels lock your door in five separate locations. Since the relocking bolts are 5" long, a safecracker would have to drill your door 20 times to defeat this mechanism! It's never been done! Other standard components of our 4-B relocking system: 1" 60 Rockwell hardplate, Shark-Tooth Female-bolt work, Rear-Protector plates and extra long re-locker bolts. REGULAR - $400 on SALE! - $299

"Having a vault door with more than one re-locker is great piece of mind."
 - Mark Varo, Satisfied Customer

Fireproof safes, step door system with expandible gasketsJig-Saw Door

Our Jig-Saw Doors are just like the doors found on $10,000 commercial safes. They are constructed with a reverse step-system on your door and frame. So when you close your door it fits together like a jig-saw, making your vault doors the most airtight in the industry!

And a Jig-Saw Door has two gaskets! One expandable gasket and one silicon hot air seal. This is crucial, because when a house catches fire, our competitors heat-activated gasket don't start expanding for eight minutes. This allows hot air in your safe. Not a Jig-Saw Door. When hot air passes your Polusal® expandable gasket, a second hot air seal stops the hot air, rerouting it over your expandable gasket a second time! This not only keeps heat out of your safe but helps expand your gasket twice as fast! This is the kind of technological inventiveness that keeps Sportsman Vault Doors a step ahead of the rest.

With an overall thickness of 5 1/2", Sportsman Steel has finally designed a vault door with a FIVE-POINT SEALING DOOR just like a bank vault. Equipped with twin expandable fire gaskets, 2300 Degree Ceramic and a 3/4" protective frame this fire door can be fireproofed up to 3 hours!!


2300 Degree Ceramic & Fireboard Fireproofing

PYRO 2300º CERAMIC INSULATION - Our upgraded fire package comes with 2 layers of 2300º Ceramic & three layers of fireboard. It's a reflective material accompanied by a heat-absorbent material. When you add our steel body and "cool gap", you're getting a seven layer fire system for the price of many drywall fire packages. And our records is extraordinary! Depending on your door construction, the 2300 degree ceramic fire system will increase your vault room door rating up to 90 minutes.

DOUBLE STEEL (optional)
Double steel construction is imperative for keeping temperatures inside your gun safe or vault door super low. The inner layer of steel acts as a conductor of heat, containing the heat between our double steel and not in your safe. Plus... the double steel construction also makes your safe more burglar-proof.

EXPANDABLE FIRE PROOF GASKET -- Our safes have Polusal Seals. During a fire they will expand to eight times their size, sealing your door from hot air. If you buy our 2" Step System Door, your gasket will expand and seal your door on five points; where each step on the door meets the female step system frame. All vault doors at banks have Jig-Saw Doors, why shouldn't your safe.
Call for FREE QUOTE 800-266-7150


S&G Biometric Lock (optional) -- This premium American lock reads your fingerprint! Getting into your safe has never been so easy. Just fit your thumb on the "Print Pad" and enter your safe in a split-second. Sale Price $449

Major Storm Danger Zones Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

You May Be At Risk! If you live within the hurricane or tornado danger zone you may need a Hurricane/Tornado Shelter more than you think. Our walk-in vault rooms are protected by 6" concrete walls and double steel 3 1/2" doors that can withstand almost any natural disaster known to man. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, the collapse of your house. Contact one of our Hurricane Door Experts and we'll tell you how to build a FEMA compliant safety room. Call us toll free: 1-800-266-7150

"Hurricanes and Tornados are some of the only natural disasters we can protect ourselves against." -

Kevin Hand, Shelter Designer

We Ship All Over the USA - By Flatbed

Storm shelter shipping home or office delivery
Home, Office or
Business Delivery
Storm shelter on flatbed truck
Custom Size Storm Shelters
Call Us - 800 266 7150
USA made storm shelter shipping via flatbed truck
Made in the USA Shelters
Bolt-Down Construction

Why Sportsman and Pentagon Storm Shelters Are Superior
Below is a comparison between our 1/4" Storm Shelters and our Storm Shelter Competitor's

The Sportsman - Pentagon DIFFERENCE
It's Not Even Close
1/4" Thick Body Thickness -
1" Step Doors - Two Strength Points -
2300 Degree Ceramic Fire Door -
Internal Release - Spring-loaded -
14 - 1" Thick Bolts in Door -
3/4" Steel Frame Reinforces Door -
1" Hardplate In Door - Drill Resistant -
5 Prong Spindle Wheel -
Two Relockers in Door - Stops Attacks-
Sargent & Greenleaf Combo Lock -
Continuous Welded In & Out -

3/16" Steel Bodies
3/16" Flat Surface Doors 
No Fire Insulation
Simple Interior Latch
3 Thin Latches
1/4" Frame
No Hardplate
Non-Decorative Handle
No Relockers in Door
Simple Deadbolt Lock
Not specified

- We're 33% Thicker Steel
- Our Doors Seal 4 Times Better
- You Get Fire-Resistant Door Free
- Official Panic Room Close Feature
- Much Stronger Bolt System - 1" Thick Bolts
- Our Frame is Three Times Thicker
- Extra Heavy Duty
- Beautiful Spindle Wheel
- We have a True Security Product
- 10 Times More Secure
- Continuous Welds Body & Seals

Pentagon Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms are Made With Pride in the U.S.A.

Shelters Made in the USA - 20 Point Inspection
Modular Shelters Made in the USA - 20 Point Inspection
Continuous Welds in Seams - Inside & Outside Body
Continuous Welds in Seals Inside & Outside Shelter Body

We Customize Storm Shelters, Walk In Vault Rooms Any Size.
CALL 800-266-7150

Quick Quote from Pentagon Safes

Storm Shelters 4-6 Person Price Table
Mini-Shelter 1 6' x 6' x 3' - 3/16" Body - 1" Comp Door, U-Shaped Reinforced $5895
Mini-Shelter 2 6' x 6' x 3' - 1/4" Body - 2" Comp Door, 65 MIN FIREPROOF DOOR $6795
Mini-Shelter 3 7' x 6' x 4' - 3/16" Body - 1" Comp Door, U-Shaped-Reinforced $6995
Mini-Shelter 4 7' x 6' x 4' - 1/4" Body - 2" Comp Door, 65 MIN FIREPROOF DOOR $7995
Storm Shelters Seat 8-12 Person Price Table
Storm Shelter 1 7' x 8' x 8' - 3/16" Body, 1" Comp Door, U-Shaped Reinforced $13,995
Storm Shelter 2 7' x 8' x 8' - 1/4" Body, 2" Comp Door, Triple-Tier Steel Door $15,295
Storm Shelter 3 7' x 8' x 12' - 3/16" Body, 1" Door, U-Shaped-Reinforced $16,995
Storm Shelter 4 7' x 8' x 12' - 1/4" Body, 2" Door, Triple-Tier Steel Door $18,750
Walk-in Vault Price Table
Walk-In Vault 1 7' x 8' x 8' - 3/16" Body, 1" Step Door, 2300 Degree Ceramic - 60 Minute Fire $19,995
Walk-In Vault 2 7' x 8' x 8' - 1/4" Body, 1" Step Door, 2300 Degree Ceramic - 60 Minute Fire $23,500
Walk-In Vault 3 7' x 8' x 12' - 3/16" Body, 2" Step Door, 2300 Degree Ceramic-PLUS - 75 Minute Fire $24,995
Walk-In Vault 4 7' x 8' x 12' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, 2300 Degree Ceramic-PLUS - 75 Minute Fire $27,995
We Customize Storm Shelters Any Size!
Call for a Custom Quote - 800-266-7150
  • 2" Jig-Saw Door -- 65 Fire Rating
  • Black or Burgundy Semi-Gloss Finish
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel - Gold or Silver
  • Royal Interior - All Walls Carpet
  • Two Re-lockers - Brass-Arm & Independent
  • Gold or Silver Pin-stripe
  • Double Fireproofing (Door and Body)
  • Gold or Silver Pin-striping and Hardware
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Combo Lock & Key -
    Optional: LG-1 Digital Lock -- (American-Quick-Access)
  • 18 Bolt System - Top & Bottom Bolts
  • Double Expand Gaskets & Bolt Down Kit
  • Convert Interior -- (Guns & Shelves - Extra gun rack)
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Includes Fire Warranty
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NBC Blast Door
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Quantico Vault
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