Made in USAPentagon Safes & Vault Door manufactures vault doors, vault room doors, vault rooms, storm shelter vault doors, safe room doors and panic room doors. Our steel vault doors are made in the USA and have never been lost to fire, pried open or compromised in any way. For 35 years we've built high quality theft & fire resistant vault doors & safes for residential, commercial and government applications. Please review our vault door information then call one of our vault door experts for a quote. 866-723-3163

Custom vault rooms made in USA
Custom Vault Rooms - USA Made
Call For Quote - Low Price Guarantee
Easy To Install Modular Safety Shelter Pieces
Our Vault Rooms are FEMA Tornado Compliant
Inward or Outward Swinging Door Available
Make vault any size just add pieces
Make Your Vault Any Size - Just Add Pieces
Call about Custom Configurations



  • DOJ Compliant Vault Door - Made in USA
  • 1" Composite Vault Door - Multiple Steel Door
  • Overall Door Thickness 4 1/2"
  • 2300 Degree Ceramic Fire Insulation
  • 3-Prong Spindle Wheel - Removable
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Lock - Group II
  • Silver or Gold Pin-Stripe & Logo
  • Two Re-Lockers - Brass-arm & Independent
  • 1/2" 60 Rockwell Hardplate - In Front of Lock
  • 14 Bolt Locking System
  • Trapezoidal Movement Mechanism
  • Lifetime & Fire Warranty

1" Composite Door - 2300 Degree Ceramic
Composite vault door with fireproofing
Filled with 2300 Degree Ceramic & Fireboard

Armory Vault Door
Armory Vault Door

 NEW - Vault Door Video
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This is our full video 6 minutes.
"Having a vault with more than one relocker is great piece of mind."
 - Mark Varo, Satisfied Customer

  • S & G American Made Lock
  • Gold or Silver Pin-Striping
  • "L-Shaped Handle - Removable
  • 1200 Degree Fire Insulation
  • Expandable Gaskets - Standard
  • Single Cobra Relocking Device
  • 1/4" Hardplate - 60 Rockwell
  • 10 Bolt Locking System
  • Two Layer Steel Frame
  • Double Steel Door
  • Life Time Warranty

Regular price. $1999
YOUR PRICE - $1699
Call for Special Deals!

vault door, E-Class steel vault door
Internal release for vault door, panic room option
Internal Release -
The Panic Room Option -

Turn your Walk-In Vault Room into a Panic Room by installing a Fail-Proof Internal vault door release. Open and lock your vault door from the inside. $199.00


  • 2" Step System Door - 2 Hour Fire Rated
  • 2300 Degree Ceramic Fire Insulation
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Spy Lock w key
  • Custom Color - Burg, Green, White
  • Gold Plating and Artisan Pin-Stripe
  • 5/8" 60rw Hardplate
  • 18 Bolt Locking System
  • Internal Release
  • 5-P Banker's Spindle Wheel
  • Custom Initials
  • Two Spring-Loaded Re-Lockers
  • Two Polusal Expandable Gaskets

Crown Series
2300 Degree Ceramic

80"x30"x8" - $2899
80"x35"x8" - $3399
80"x40"x8" - $3799

Vault Door - Ameri-Crown Series      Vault Doors - Ameri-Crown Series      Vault Doors - Ameri-Crown Series

Pentagon's Crown Series VAULT DOORS are the perfect addition to any corporation, Security Building or Multi-Million dollar home in need of maximum fire protection. None of our Crown Series Vault Doors have lost any belongings to fire or been broken into in 30 years. Crown Series Vault Doors are DOJ Compliant.

2" Jig-Saw Door - Revolutionary Design
  • 5-Point Sealing Door - No losses to Fire in 35 Years
  • Interlocking Jig-Saw Door - Pry-Resistant
  • 3/4" Steel Frame - 3 Times Thicker Than Competitors
  • Two Expandable Gaskets - Double The Competition
  • Triple Tiered Steel Door - Puzzle Fit for Strength
  • No Drill-Outs On This Door... Ever!
"I've Never Seen a Door Seal like Pentagon's. The door fits so good it sounds like
 you're opening a can of tennis balls when you shut the door." - Robert Painter, Client
  • 3 "Jig-Saw Door - 2.5 Hour Fire
  • 3" Jig-Saw Step Door - Five Strength Points STRONGEST HURRICANE DOOR IN USA
  • 2300° Ceramic Fire-Proofing
  • 1/2" Solid Steel In Vital Cut Areas - 15" x Width of Door
  • Triple Tiered Steel Fire Door
  • Double Polusal Expand Gaskets
  • 1" Solid 60rw Hardplate
  • 3 - 1" Hinges - Removable Door
  • 11x30 Vital Area Steel Protector
  • 3/4" Thick Steel Bolt Protectors
  • 5- P Spindle Wheel - Removable
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Lock/Key
  • Phantom Blue Semi-Gloss Paint
  • Silver Artisan Pin-Stripe & Logo
  • NEW - 4 Barrel Spring Relocker
  • Internal Release- Spring Loaded
  • 18 Bolt Independent System
  • Lifetime Vault Fire Warranty


2300 Degree Ceramic

Featuring our



80"x30"x8" - $3599
80"x35"x8" - $3999
80"x40"x8" - $4499

Phantom Series Vault Door open position
2300° Ceramic and 4 Barrel Relocker
Vault door internal release spring loaded
Internal Release- Spring Loaded
vault door jig saw door
3" Jig Saw Door
vault door lock and spindle wheel
5 Prong Spindle Wheel - Removable
American LA-Garde Digital Lock
Quick Access

NEW! - 4 Barrel Re-Lockers - Most in Gun Safe Industry!

  • safe door relocking system, 4 barrel relockers4 Re-Lockers - 1 1/4" x 5"
    Solid Steel
  • Spring-Loaded -
    Totally Independent
  • 5 Drill Points in Door -
    Most Ever in a Gun Safe
  • Multiple Level Re-Lockers -
    No Drill-Outs in 35 Years
  • Gravity-Resistant - Rack-Style Lock-up
  • USA Made System - Custom Drill Points Available

This commercial grade 4-B relocking system is similar to Re-Lockers found in $20,000 Vault Doors. Equipped with four 1" thick barrel Re-Lockers, this hi-tech backup system is spring-loaded to shoot 4 - 3/4" hardened shafts into female bolt work during attacks! Once the lock is punched, four spring-loaded barrels lock your door in five separate locations. Since the relocking bolts are 5" long, a safecracker would have to drill your door 20 times to defeat this mechanism! It's never been done! Other standard components of our 4-B relocking system: 1" 60 Rockwell hardplate, Shark-Tooth Female-bolt work, Rear-Protector plates and extra long relocker bolts. REGULAR - $400 on SALE! - $299

Phantom Series Vaults come in
Six Enamel Colors --
vault door color chart
Financing Available!
Call: 866-723-3163

"I've looked at gun safes for ten years. The 1/4" steel body Pentagon Series is the best by far"
 - Mark Castro, Customer

  • 8" Step System Door - 15" Overall thickness
  • 4 Hour Fire - Concrete-Filled Front Cavity
  • 1400lbs Empty - 2500 Filled with Concrete
  • 4 Blast Resistors in Door
  • Quadruple layer Steel Door
  • Blast Door - Accordion Compress Structure
  • 2 Polusal Expand Gaskets - Step Frame
  • 1" 60rw Hardplate -- 4 - 1" Thick Hinges
  • 1/2" Thick Steel Frame - Multiple Layer Frame
  • Wedge-Shaped Blast Door - Absorbs Shock
  • 5- P Spindle Wheel - Removable
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Lock with Key
  • NEW - 4 Barrel Spring Relocker
  • Internal Release- Spring Loaded
  • 18 Bolt Independent System
  • Lifetime Vault Fire Warranty
80"x35"x15" - $4999
80"x40"x15" - $5799
Tankhead fire resistant blast door                tankhead fire resistant blast door and door frame

Featuring our
NEW 1" Solid Steel Door
  • 3" Step System Door- 3 Hour Fire
  • 1" Solid Steel Door
  • 2" Solid Steel in front of Lock
  • 2300° Ceramic & Fireboard Fireproof
  • 2 Polusal® Expandable Gaskets
  • 1" 60rw Hardplate
  • 4 - 1" Hinges - Removable Door
  • 11x30 Vital Area Steel Protector
  • 3/4" Thick Steel Bolt Protectors
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel - Removable
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Lock/Key
  • Custom Paint - Eight Options
  • Silver or Gold Artisan Pin-Stripe
  • NEW - 4 Barrel Spring Relocker
  • Internal Release- Spring Loaded
  • 18 Bolt Independent System
  • Lifetime Vault Fire Warranty

80"x35"x8" - $4899
80"x40"x8" - $5799

3" Step Door!

2 Hour Fire!

1" Solid Steel Door!

Stainless Steel in Door!

2300 Degree
Ceramic and Fireboard!

2 Polusal®
Expandable Gaskets!

3/4" Thick
Steel Bolt Protectors!

18 Bolt Independant

Lifetime Vault
Fire Warranty!



Our Gibraltar is the first Vault Door with 20 Chain-Reacting Re-Lockers! Designed with the esthetics of an Old West Bank Vault, our Gibraltar's equipped with a 4" Jig-Saw Door, Torch-Proof Stainless Steel, 20 Bolts and 2" Hardplate. The Gibraltar Vault Door has the most elaborate, exotic internal mechanism in the USA. With over 80 drill points, 1 1/4" Barrel Re-Lockers and 45 Degree Throw Rods, our Gibraltar has never been broken into in 35 years. The Vault Door shown here was ordered by CBS's "The Price Is Right".

Call Us For a Quote -

Gibraltar vault door, large vault doors

Vault Rooms, Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

Click here to see our Vault Room Page

Vault room and modular safe rooms Vault room interiors

NEW - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Sealing System - It's Airtight!

Our new N.B.C. Compress Seals make your vault room Nuclear, Biological & Chemical resistant. We include N.B.C. seals on your 3" Step System Door and Frame. We also continuously weld every inch of your vault, frame & seams to make your vault door N.B.C. resistant. Continuous welds also run along your internal steel panels and atop your lock hole that connects your external lock to our internal mechanism. We can even include an NBC resistant "lunch pail" over your lock to make your complete locking system NBC resistant! - ONLY $1999 - $2499.

Call to talk to a Vault Expert: 866-723-3163

NBC SEAL NBC seal gasket

Nuclear Biological Chemical Seal Diagram

NEW Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seal. Tested in the field - Passed with 25 PSI

These NBC seals fitted into our Nuke & Blast Doors. They provide a seal from fallout fumes, smoke, water, chemicals and biological agents.

Structural Vibration Sensor for
Vault Doors & Safes

Structural Vibration Sensor for Vault Doors and SafesStructural Vibration Sensor for Vault Doors and Safes

The DV1200-A Series Seismic Detectors are designed to detect attempted break-ins to Pentagon vault doors and safes. If power drills or cutting devices are used to penetrate your vault or safe an alarm will sound and a signal run into your home alarm system. A home security expert will install our Vibration Alarm into your vault here at our plant with all the wiring necessary for you to tap into your current home security system. Sale Price - $2999.
Structural Vibration Sensor for Vault Doors and Safes

With Refrigeration Seals - $3499
  • 2" Step Door - 90 Min Fire
  • Temp-Shield Reflective Insulation
  • 2300 Degree Ceramic Fire Insulation
  • LG-I Digital Lock - Quick Access
  • Custom Automotive Paint - Burgundy, Green, White
  • Gold or Silver Plating - Artisan Pin-Stripe
  • 5/8" 60rw Hardplate
  • 18 Bolt Locking System
  • Twin Refrigerated Seals
  • Internal Release - Spring Loaded
  • Banker's Spindle Wheel
  • Custom Initials
  • Two Spring-Loaded Re-Lockers
  • Two Polusal® Expandable Gaskets
Custom sizes available. Call for Free Quote.
Wine cellar vault door
Hidden Vault Doors

Pentagon Safes now creates Vault Doors for hidden rooms. These concealed vault doors are designed to have standard household doors installed in front of them. This will concealed your walk-in vault room completely. No one will know it exists.

Hide your Vault Room

Make your vault room disappear by putting a Renaissance interior door in front of it. This will protect it's presence from visitors to your home and would-be thieves. Our interior doors come with custom jams ready to install. Painted or stained to fit your needs. Our standard widths are 24”, 30”, 32” & 36". With standard heights of 80” and 92".

Vault Doors for hidden rooms
Call us for interior design quote. 866-723-3163
Vault Doors for hidden rooms
12" Blast-Resistant
Carriage Door

Pentagon & Sportsman Vaults creates the first 100% Open-Access double door vault. With a triple tiered 3/8" steel frame and 10 solid 1" thick steel hinges, the Double Door vault has the strength to support twin doors weighing up to a ton. The non-partition double doors allows enough access to drive most government-issued vehicles and automobiles through. It's perfect for Nuclear-Biological Chemical rooms built above or below ground. Each door has five relocking devices and up to 20 locking bolts. Customers can add our 12" Blast-Resistant carriage door to absorb many blast levels. Your vault can have Porcupine System added: 12 - 1" thick - 5" long solid steel posts continuously welded along your frame so your vault can be directly tied to the rebar in your concrete-filled walls.

Call us for a quote - 800 266-7150!
Blast resistant carriage door, blast resistant vault door
"Blast Door for FBI & U.S. Marines -- Quantico Training Facility"
Our Vault Doors are Built with Quality and Pride in the USA!
vault door assembly
Welding vault doors
Pentagon certified welders go through rigorous training prior to constructing our double sealing doors. Each Vault Door goes through a 13 point inspection, which includes door seals, lock fit, precision Re-Lockers and insulation fit.
Vault door assembly and quality control area

35 Years Experience building and perfecting vault doors. Our clients have entrusted us to build their vault doors for over thirty years, and we've never had a vault door broken into! Our customers include the FBI, Santa Barbra PD, Harrah's Hotels, Laurie Rodkin ("Jeweler to the Stars"), muscle car builder Carroll Shelby, DOJ, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. President's Secret Service, LAPD & Mirage Hotel.
Custom Vault Doors
Commercial Vault Doors · Custom Vault Doors
Turks & Caicos Island Embassy Vault Doors
3" Door with 3 Hour Fire - $2999

custom vault door
Vault Doors · Custom Vault Doors
80"x30"x6" - 3 Hour Fire Door
3" Door - $2999
vault door step door system, heavy duty vault door

  • 100% American-Made Steel
  • 2300 Degree Fireproofing
  • Up to 4 Hour Fire!
  • Dual Polusal® Expandable Gaskets
  • Custom Sizes Available

Vault Doors · Custom Vault Doors ·
Commercial Vault Doors
Sportsman Steel's Quality Control & Shipping Area -
Each vault goes through a 25-Point Inspection.

Call for FREE quote: 1-866-723-3163

Vault Doors · Custom Vault Doors
Wyoming Dinosaur Museum
Vault Door - 2" Jig-Saw -
Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Custom Size Vault Doors
Custom size vault doorsCustom size vault door
Custom Vault Doors are our Specialty. The mammoth vault door (above right) was constructed for Lyntek Gold Corp. We designed this
Class- Five Vault Door to secure a mountain containing gold and silver ore. It's big enough to drive a forklift through. Custom hardplate, internal Re-Lockers and punch plates were installed for added TL security. Our Lyntek rep said our price was half what our competition was charging for a custom vault door.



Pentagon Vault Doors makes the biggest breakthrough in vault door design! Our new 5" thick Vault Door (8" overall thickness) is the first 4 HOUR Vault Door under $4000. Two layers of steel sandwich three vertical "U-Shaped" steel blast-resistors. After installation, customers pour concrete into the top of their vault doors, transforming their 1300lb. door into a 2500lb. 4 HOUR FIRE VAULT DOOR!!! Limited Time Only -- ONLY $1599

Call for details: 1-866-723-3163
4 Hour Vault Doors
Model Dimensions (inches) Wall Thickness Door Thickness Weight (lbs.) Price
P-7 SPECIAL 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 5" Double Steel Door 1700 lbs. -
4 Hour Fire
S-7 SPECIAL 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 5" Double Steel Door 1850 lbs. -
4 Hour Fire

Nuclear-Bio-Chemical Vault Door

Sale $3199
Nuclear-Bio-Chemical Vault Door
Three Blast-Resistors - FREE!



Triple Nuclear, Biological,
Chemical Seal - $189

These NBC seals are fitted into our Nuke & Blast Doors.
They provide a seal from fallout fumes, smoke, water, chemicals and biological agents.

Triple Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Seal

Vault doors, stainless steel protective plateOur new Stainless Steel Protective Plate Package protects your Vault Door's vital cut areas. It makes break-ins by torch or standard drilling devices an impossibility. A 10 gauge plate of custom formed stainless steel shields your Vault Door's locking device, locking bolt, internal lock box, brass-arm relocker, independent Cobra Relocker and locking bar.

Sale Price -- $349
 NEW! - Chain-Reactor Re-Lockers

Many vault doors have one relocking device! Sportsman & Pentagon Vault Doors have two! Our DOJ Compliant Vault Doors consist of an independent spring-loaded relocker and a brass-arm relocker that's protected by 1/2" 60-RW hardplate. The heavy-duty locking bar is protected by an additional layer steel 11" x 29" that prevents a "vital cut entry". It's the only relocking system that can keep out a professional Safe Cracker. It's a great Price. IT'S FREE!

Call for a Vault Door quote 866-723-3163

Manipulation-Proof Lock Box
Manipulation-Proof Lock Box Open Manipulation-Proof Lock Box closed

Custom private vault roomWE BUILD VAULT ROOMS!

Not only do we build vault doors, we also build vault rooms. We can construct a vault room in any size with many options.

  • VAULT ROOM - 1 - 6" Rebar-filled concrete block - No inner Steel
  • VAULT ROOM - 2 - 8" Rebar-filled concrete block with tracking for shelves
  • VAULT ROOM - 3 - 12" Rebar-filled concrete with 1/4" inner liner steel
  • VAULT ROOM - 4 - 16" Rebar-filled Concrete with 1/2" inner liner steel

Give us a call for a quote:


Vault room with vault door and interior

vault door interior
Vault door room interior

Gun Racks Available

Custom Shelving Available

Custom Lighting Available

Call For Quote

Vault room interior
Custom vault room interiors

vault room interior lighting
Optional overhead vault room lighting
and electrical outlet..
vault room electrical outlet
Inward swinging vault doorInward opening vault doors

If you live in a hurricane or tornado state, you might want your door to open by swinging INWARD. If your whole house collapses during a hurricane, you and your family will be able to open the door and climb out over the rubble. Great piece of mind.

Learn more about Pentagon Vault Doors

Short Vault Door Video - 1:15 minutes



If you have a ranch, business or custom home with a name you would to put on your vault door call us for a quote. Whether it's a wine cellar door, blast vault or walk-In vault room, we will personalize it at factory direct prices.

Custom logos and Pin striping on vault doorsCustom logo and pinstriping on Sportsman Safe vault door
Customize your vault door with your name or initials and pin striping.

Custom Cow Spot Paint

 Custom vault door paint job cow spot paint

Custom vault door paint job
Featured Customer
Hidden Vault Room

Custom private vault room

Let us help you design your own
custom vault room.

Custom private vault room
Custom private vault room

Major Storm Danger Zones Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

You May Be At Risk! If you live within the hurricane or tornado danger zone you may need a Hurricane/Tornado Shelter more than you think. Our walk-in vault rooms are protected by 6" concrete walls and double steel 3 1/2" doors that can withstand almost any natural disaster known to man. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, the collapse of your house. Contact one of our Hurricane Door Experts and we'll tell you how to build a FEMA compliant safety room. Call us toll free: 1-866-723-3163

Safes · Vault Doors · Storm Shelters · Safe Rooms · Custom Safes and Vault Doors
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Modular security shelters and safe rooms
Modular Rooms
NBC Blast Door
NBC Blast Door
Large Gun Safes, Double Door Safes
Double Door Safe
Quantico Vault
Quantico Vault
High End Premium Gun Safes
Deluxe Safes
Large Modular Vault Rooms
Large Modular Vault Rooms
Vault Doors, Custom Vault Doors
Vault Doors
Mega size safes, Super large safes
Mega Safes
Wine Vault Room Doors
Wine Vault Room Doors
We can custom build any safe, security shelter or vault door to your custom specifications.
Call us toll free to talk with one of our experts about your specific requirements.

Quick Quote from Pentagon Safes
Protector Vault Doors
Model Dimensions (inches) Wall Thickness Door Thickness Weight (lbs.) Price
P-1 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 1/4" 500 $1699
P-2 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 3/8" 600 $1799
P-3 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 1" Composite Door 700 $1899
P-4 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 2" Jig-Saw 800 $2399
P-5 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 1" Solid Steel with Jig-Saw 1400 $3899
P-6 80 x 30 x 6 4" to 12" 2" Solid Steel with Jig-Saw 1990 $5499
Super-Wide Vault Doors
Model Dimensions (inches) Wall Thickness Door Thickness Weight (lbs.) Price
S-1 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 1/4" 600 $1999
S-2 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 3/8" 700 $2299
S-3 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 1" Composite Steel 750 $2499
S-4 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 2" Jig-Saw 900 $2999
S-5 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 1" Solid Steel with Jig-Saw 1500 $4599
S-6 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 2" Solid Steel with Jig-Saw 2500 $5999
Note: All Vault Doors come with hinges on the right side - Left-hand hinges available upon request.
Fire time estimates based on installing vaults in 10" thick concrete wall rooms.
All Vault Dimensions are exterior dimensions including frame. Call us for walk-through dimensions - 1-866-723-3163

We Beat All Competitor's Pricing.
Call Us and Find Out How.
Call: 866-723-3163

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